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About Us

Absorbent Recycling was founded February of 2002 in New Orleans LA. Our plant was relocated to Houston in 2005 after hurricane Katrina. We offer our services to large and small business from the Fortune 500 to the “Mom & Pop”.

Once our customers go through a qualification process, we help our customers eliminate waste streams, liability, and reduce cost associated with the disposal of used absorbents. We accomplish this by setting up a customized system that recycles used absorbents for re-use.

What is Absorbent Recycling for Re-Use?

Recycling absorbents for re-use is the process of cleaning the absorbents and reusing them as absorbents, extracting the water or oil and reusing those as water and oil are meant to be used. This is a closed process with little to no waste created and no documentation or manifest required.

A good way to look at this is to think about a dish towel vs. a paper towel. Paper towels can be used and disposed of or recycled as starter fluid for a fire, while a dish towel is easily cleaned and reused as a dish towel over and over. Absorbent Recycling LLC takes it one step further and recycles the washing water and soap as well as the oil that the dish towel has cleaned up for re-use.

Don’t confuse absorbent recycling for re-use with other forms of recycling absorbents.
Current “Recycling of absorbents” is the process of taking used absorbents and sending them for use as a fuel. This is called fuels rebinding and is a much different process that requires waste manifest forms and documentation. This system does not release your liability. If you read most of the fine print in these documents you will find many ways that the disposal company can “land fill” instead of Fuels Re-blind.

You will not find a more efficient way to recycle absorbents for re-use THAN we have created here.


With eleven years of experience handling small and large jobs for companies we can assure you professional services customized to your needs and requirements. We have been redefining the term absorbent recycling, working on our process without rest to come up with the best, fastest, and most environmentally friendly system in the industry. You will not find a more efficient way to recycle absorbents for re-use then we have created here, this is how we are capable of saving you money while eliminating waste streams and liability. We have been successful doing this for all of our customers, and therefore we enjoy long relationships without contracts. Our service agreement is purely a hand shake. We are confident that once you start to recycle and re-use absorbents with Absorbent Recycling LLC you will become part of our family of long term customers.

We look forward to the chance to prove just how easy it is to start a recycle re-use absorbent program in your company. Each customer has a custom recycling re-use program designed to meet the special needs of their company.

Contact us today and we will have a specialist set up an appointment to qualify your Absorbent Recycling Program.

Save Money

Eliminate Waste

Reduce Liability

Absorbent Recycling LLC

Eliminate Waste and Liability

Benefits of Recycling Absorbents for Re-Use

Recycling for re-use with Absorbent Recycling LLC’s system will:

  • Eliminate Paper Work – no longer will you be required to fill out waste manifest forms, track waste, write a bunch of Product Orders for collection drums, absorbents, disposal company service, nor the checks to all three or more vendors that are required by disposal systems. Absorbent Recycling LLC will do the entire recycle for re-use service with one purchase order, streamlining the process.
  • Eliminate Liability & Waste – Absorbent Recycling LLC’s process is not regulated by RiCRA and it eliminates three waste streams: the collection containers for storing used absorbents are cleaned for re-use, the used absorbents are cleaned and recycled for re-use, and the oil and non hazardous liquids are extracted and recycled for re-use. Therefore there is no waste or liability associated with said waste.
  • Reduce Labor – Our trained staff helps to prepare a custom system that will reduce your labor efforts for your current disposal system. The absorbents, the containers, the delivery, the recycling, and the pick-up of the used pads is all coordinated with Absorbent Recycling LLC, not three different vendors, drivers, and companies. We will set up a system that will reduce waste, be easy, fast and comprehensive.
  • Save Money – Absorbent Recycling LLC will supply your company with free delivery, free recycling, free pick-up of absorbents destined for laundry, and free drums or containers for collection of the used absorbents. The only thing you will be required to pay for will be the cleaned absorbents ready for re-use. You will be happy to know that these absorbents are stronger, stay down longer and outperform disposable absorbents, which will save you money. All this and our absorbent prices are as competitively priced as disposable absorbents are! It’s not uncommon for Absorbent Recycling LLC to be able to reduce a new customers cost of absorbents handling by half!



Absorbent Recycling LLC

Recycle and Re-Use Absorbents


We sell, all types of absorbents! If you need oil booms, spill containment booms, socks, pads, t-shirt rags, red shop rags, or something more we can help you. Our recycle re-use pads are the strongest longest lasting in the industry. Unlike other pads, our custom build SK product is much like a high end microfiber rag. It holds liquids with less dripping than the disposable competition. Some of our recycle re-use pads last 10 years or more. This means they can stay down longer and you will use less of them, further reducing your cost of absorbent handling.


Absorbent Recycling LLC creates an absorbent recycling system for used nonhazardous absorbent that eliminates waste and liability while reducing cost, paperwork and labor. We also have a full line of absorbents and rags for use and disposal. We handle these through Absorbent Recycling LLC as well as our online store Texas Rag and Supply.

Because your used absorbents are destined for recycle and re-use they are not regulated by RiCRA, and therefore, do not require a waste manifest form. No more waste manifest forms means less paper work, and elimination of liability.


We save our customers money, time and labor while eliminating three waste streams and the liability associated with them. Our trained delivery team will come onsite and service different locations. This will reduce your labor, expense, and time involved in oil spill control. Because you get the collection containers, the delivery of the product, the use of the product and the recycling of the product all on one product order from one vendor, your company will further reduce paper work man hours and save money in other less obvious ways as well. What does a single purchase order in your company cost to process? $10, $25, $50? We do all our service on one purchase order.

We will contact your company periodically to ask what service you may need. Our driver is dispatched within the next week to service your account. This service includes:

  1. Delivery of clean pads and clean containers ready for re-use.
  2. Pick-up of the used pads and containers both destine for recycle and re-use.
  3. Issue a certificate of recycling to help track of your recycling progress and the waste reduction you have accomplished.

Our plant will then clean the absorbents and the container so that they are ready for re-use. Absorbent Recycling LLC’s process will extract and separate the oils for recycle re-use, and the cleaning water and soap for recycle re-use. All this service is included under one purchase order to keep it simple, affordable, and the labor and paper work to a minimum, saving your company money, time, and effort.

Simply put this is a “win win”!

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